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Visit Pir-e-Sabz Fire Temple During Your Travel to Iran


Pir-e-Sabz Fire Temple is regarded as to be one of the most sacred pilgrimage websites of Zoroastrians. It is located in the village of Chak Chak, near a tall mountain in the heart of a desert in central Iran. The spot is not pretty far from Ardakan in Yazd province. Quite a few Zoroastrians come to this temple from India and also from within Iran.

It is believed that the pilgrims traveling to this sacred shrine have to quit in their path when they are in view of the temple. They have to then proceed to the temple on foot from there. Most of the consumers, who travel to Iran to go to this place, arrive in the course of June 14-18 every single year.

Pir-e-Sabz Rock Shelter

There is a two-planked doorway leading to the Fire Temple with an image of two Achaemenian soldiers embossed on it. The doorway takes you by means of to a rock shelter which is paved with concrete Malachite. The ceiling holds a beautiful chandelier. An altar can be seen here with three oil-burning lights. There is also a container subsequent to it utilised for refilling the oil in the lights.

You will notice a set of trays directly in front of the altar arranged to look like a lotus. Pilgrims can place their donations in these trays. These donations can also be in the form of oranges and cucumbers to serve as offerings.

The Ancient Tree and Waterfall

During your travel to Iran, you will notice that there are several holes in the rock shelter, by way of which some tree branches have entered the temple. There is also a modest waterfall flowing inside Pir-e-Sabz Fire Temple which keeps the altar wet. In fact, the name Chak Chak refers to this drop-by-drop fall of water in the rock shelter which symbolizes Anahita, the angel granting pregnancy, prosperity and water. Zoroastrians tremendously revere this angel and disallow any individual from treading on the sacred altar.

Religious Belief

There is a story behind the creating of Pir-e-Sabz Fire Temple. It is believed that Nikbanou, the second daughter of Yazdegard III of Sassanian dynasty, was chased by some Arab invaders. She prayed to Ahura Mazda to safeguard her dignity. In response, the mountain opened up and she went inside and has by no means been seen right after that.

Buying A Car For Your Teen? - Choose Safety Over Style


Though teenagers are concerned about how a vehicle looks, how rapidly a car can move and how countless consumers they can fit in the auto, parents have a fully several vision when it comes to obtaining their kid a car. What parents are predominantly interested in is how secure the car is how dependable it is and how significantly the car costs.

The most important feature however is safety with price a close second. In common if you want a car to be safe for your child then you have to take into account spending superior money for the vehicle. While older vehicles may perhaps price less income up front than newer vehicles the truth of the matter is that they aren't as reliable, aren't as secure and in the long run might truly price a lot more than a newer model.

Newer models will not only have much more safety features, they will undoubtedly be better on gas, and may well even save revenue on auto insurance. Whilst teens might prefer to drive SUVs and SUV is maybe the worst automobile you can invest in for them. An SUV will need even more abilities from the driver in an emergency situations and will have greater expenses involved as well.

The preferred sort of vehicle to buy your teenager who's just studying how to drive is a sedan or a coupe. Some vehicles to look at consist of models such as a Honda Civic, Ford Focus or Mazda three. These vehicles will save your wallet, offer you stylish looks and a four door model will enable your kid to drive about with a group of their pals and not feel cramped in the automobile. If you get them a coupe model then you can feel satisfaction knowing that you've chosen a automobile that they'll take pleasure in driving whilst you will have the peace of mind that they'll be secure in the auto.

Of course if revenue is not a factor then you can obtain them a smaller BMW, Mercedes Benz, or yet another luxury kind of vehicles. Countless of the high cost models are not only secure, but you can be assured they'll be some of the most reliable vehicles on the marketplace.

One feature to appear for if you purchase a newer model is electronic stability control. Electronic stability control assists prevents accidents which might be the ideal safety feature to be put in cars because airbags. Stability control is best for new drivers who might possibly not know how to maneuver their vehicle in the event of an emergency. It makes it so that their auto will not flip over if they make an evasive turn.

No matter if it is price, looks or features the main thing to look for when getting a car for your teenager is safety. As soon as you know that the vehicle is secure you will have lots of peace of mind when your teen is out of residence and on the open road in their car.

Mazda Dealers in Calgary

>Kramer Mazda is the finest Mazda Dealers in Calgary

Voted top in the community Kramer Mazda is the most beneficial Mazda Dealers in Calgary. This Mazda Dealership is identified for their courteous staff and inviting atmosphere of an unparalleled choice of new and employed vehicles. Providing outstanding value you can't pass Kramer Mazda is most effective in class and winner of the Customers Selection Award for getting the lead Mazda Dealers in Calgary.

Kramer Mazda has the largest selection of new and employed Mazda’s in town and has turn out to be known as the top Mazda Dealers in Calgary. They have enjoyed the title of quantity one dealer in Western Canada for several years and have participated in quite a few community events all through Calgary. Committed to customers the Business delivers the ultimate in comfort with a Lounge area that offers high speed net access and optimal seating as nicely as a children’s region and a complimentary shuttle for convenient transportation. In addition to becoming recognized as the finest Mazda Dealers in Calgary, Kramer Mazda has enjoyed consecutive honors from the Dealer of Distinction Award. The Business values every single customer with considerate sales of top quality vehicles provided by trained professionals. With finance options available Kramer Mazda makes purchasing a new or employed vehicle a rewarding and hassle zero cost experience. The Dealership has a lengthy record of satisfied drivers that would gladly attest to the Organizations excellent vehicles and small business integrity. An asset to the community with an unmatched level of inventory Kramer Mazda has earned the Consumers Option Award for being the most beneficial Mazda Dealers in Calgary.

The Buyers Option Awards utilizes public opinion to locate and recognize Organizations that consistently cater to clients such as Kramer Mazda, recognized for being the best Mazda Dealers in Calgary. The award is accompanied with a title for excellence that serves to usher future clients and is therefore business desirable. In order to acquire recognition from the award program Organizations must supply a level of service unsurpassed, this style of business enterprise competition creates a welcoming sales environment that serves as a enhance to the nearby economy. The recipients of the award are determined by means of an authentic study that asks Customers to name their selection of business such as the perfect Mazda Dealers in Calgary. A massive volume of response is received and to insure accuracy the survey is reformatted and public opinion is gauged a second time. The common enterprise names received are condensed to a list of the leading 5 Providers in every category then placed to a community vote. Majority vote is used to grant the award along with the business desirable title of preferred in class. Outcomes are in and the majority has named Kramer Mazda winner of the Buyers Choice Award for being the best Mazda Dealers in Calgary.

A special thanks to the Buyers Selection Awards for their valued service in promoting business excellence by highlighting Companies such as Kramer Mazda for getting the best Mazda Dealers in Calgary. Call to speak with a knowledgeable sales representative at (403) 259-0500, or visit the preferred Mazda Dealers in Calgary situated on 11888 Macleod Trail S.E. Come in and shop with the peace of mind in knowing the inventory at Kramer Mazda is Calgary’s perfect locate.

Mazda Dealers - A Mazda Choice is the Right One

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Prior to you go out to pay a visit to a dealership or test drive a vehicle, you may possibly, even so, want to do some investigation on the internet. You will get that there are a lot of distinctive on-line resources that can tell you not only all about your Mazda, but also can compare Mazda vehicles to other similar vehicles that are out in the industry at this time. In some cases, creating a comparison will urge you to alter your mind, but other times, it solidifies that your option (this option becoming Mazda in this case) is the perfect one.

Right after you do your analysis, ask about. Perhaps you know somebody who drives a Mazda. Acquire out which Mazda Dealers they visited and which ones they prefer. Who eventually got their company when they bought their automobile? This is the person you may perhaps exceptionally nicely want to go to, or avoid, depending on their opinion.

You should certainly get out from the Mazda Dealers in your area which banks they deal with when it comes to financing your vehicle, unless, of course, you will be paying cash in full. If you require to finance, and you know your own credit situation, realizing the finance corporations the dealership deals with will help you make your decision as to which Mazda Dealers you can do small business with. For instance, if you have poor credit, you know you can not deal with a dealership that only deals with high end banks.

The dealership is finally the finest way to know which automobile you will be buying. Stop by 1 of the and get out if they can let you check out a couple of cars. Test drive a couple that you like and see if they are the appropriate car for you. Your dealership will be additional than willing to let you check out your alternatives totally if they want your home business. Soon after all, they want you to do company with them when you buy, and they want your acquire expertise to be a fantastic one so that you will be a satisfied, and probable returning customer in the future.

So doing some investigation on line is beneficial to you in understanding what you want to obtain. But visiting the dealership will certainly assist you solidify your option, and assist you come across the dealership that can help you top with your automobile obtain.

Mazda Tribute Problems | Learn About Mazda Tribute Problems & Recalls


Mazda Tribute Troubles Understand About Mazda Tribute Difficulties & Recalls. If you are having problems with your Mazda Tribute, you should read this post. The Mazda Tribute is an great vehicle, but it can have numerous challenges that are high-priced to repair. Don't be forced to pay thousands of dollars to repair your Mazda Tribute, take into consideration receiving an extended warranty for your Mazda Tribute now:

The Mazda Tribute is a quality automobile, but like any vehicle on the road, it can encounter critical complications with its engine, transmission, brakes or electrical method that can price thousands of dollars to repair. The manufacturer's warranty protects your Mazda Tribute from these issues for a small while, but when the warranty is over, you could be on the hook for a significant repair bill when your Mazda Tribute has a challenge. You have absolutely nothing to lose and thousands of dollars to save by acquiring a free quote on an extended warranty quote for your Mazda Tribute.

In this tough economy, you shouldn't have to invest your hard earned revenue on vehicle repairs. I hope that your Mazda Tribute never ever runs into any serious troubles, but you must consistently be prepared just in case. The ideal way to guard yourself is by acquiring an extended warranty - click on the image below to get a cost-free no obligation quote for a Mazda Tribute Extended Warranty in just two minutes:

2011 Mazda6 is Stylish AND Affordable!


Reviews on the new 2011 Mazda6 are in, and critics agree that this sedan, with its low price tag and no shortage of upgrades, is certain to impress buyers! The newest model of the Mazda cars fleet showcases a new, sleek exterior with plenty of interior upgrades to satisfy the most lavish shopper. Plus, it's equipped with a ton of safety capabilities and greater fuel economy than previous models. Here, we take a look at what the 2011 Mazda6 has to provide its users.

The 2011 Mazda6 is supplied in 4 unique models: Sport, Touring, Touring Plus, and Grand Touring. This essentially specifies what trim and exterior functions your car will have. Typically, the vehicle has sleeker headlights and newly created taillights. Standard in all models are rain-sensing wipers, body-coloured door handles and integrated sporty side sills. For a mid-size sedan, the Mazda6 does an impressive job at convincing you that it is edgy and contemporary! If you are searching to upgrade, you can take into consideration adding a practical remote-control heated door mirrors or sporty LED taillights.

The inside of the Mazda6 was built with spaciousness and ease in mind. Fitting 5 adults comfortably, the storage space in this sedan is also stand-up: flat-folding rear seats give you a lot of cargo space for all of your transportation requirements! The regular deck comes equipped with an AM/FM/CD system with six speakers and MP3 capability. Upgrade choices incorporate a Bose audio program with disc-in-dash CD changer, auxiliary input and ten speakers. For the tech savvy drivers, an upgradeable voice-activated navigation method and keyless entry with push-button start are obtainable for customizing your Mazda6. The Navigation program consists of a rearview camera and a bigger, seven inch touch screen for quick, handy controlling.

In terms of power, the 2011 Mazda6 has got its bases covered. Obtainable with either a 2.5L l4 engine with 170 horsepower or a three.7L V6 engine, this vehicle accelerates speedily and moves with an undeniable forward pull. Transmission choices incorporate: a five-speed automatic, 6-speed sport mode or as a 6-speed manual. Reviewers are particularly keen on the plethora of safety characteristics on this year's Mazda6. Notable components consist of advanced front airbags, side impact and side curtain airbags, ABS with EBFD and an ultimately superior traction method.

With its contemporary appearance, roaring engine and even more than sufficient safety functions, the only aspect of the new 2011 Mazda6 that will surprise you will be its affordable cost tag. If you are interested in learning a lot more about the new Mazda6 or any other new or utilized Mazda vehicles, Leggat Auto Group is here to support. At Leggat Auto Group, "you can often count on us". Whether or not you are in the marketplace for a Chevrolet, Cadillac or Buick car, or are seeking for Honda service or Buick service, Leggat Auto Group has you covered. Pay a visit to Leggat Auto Group and be positive to follow us on Facebook (Leggat Auto Group) and Twitter (leggatautogroup)!

What can a powerful Mazda 5 DVD Player do?


Important Characteristics

  • All-in-one Vehicle Video suits Mazda five, no gap soon after installation.
  • Color: Silver grey, the similar style as your original radio.
  • With particular wire harness, you do not will need to cut any wire of your car. it is painless to install.
  • Built-in GPS Navigation receiver Method, run on Win CE5..
  • Dual Zone: you can appreciate music even though navigation.
  • 8" Digital High Definition 800*480 Touchscreen
  • The color of button light: Green
  • Built-in Tv and Radio (AM FM)
  • Built-in Bluetooth technologies
  • Support iPod Control, you can control iPod on the DVD screen
  • Support steering wheel control, with CAN-BUS box.
  • Support Auto rearview camera in
  • With Video/Audio/Aux input and output ports
  • 2 SD slots: one for GPS, 1 for multimedia files, support Max. 8G
  • 1 mini USB port Auto Electronics Co., LTD, founded in 1998, aims to Make auto owners' drive much more very easily and cosily by providing auto electronics of Excellent and Reliability. In Could possibly 1998, Qualir began to create and create Auto CD, VCD Players and residence CD,DVD Players. In March 2003, Qualir began to create and produce Car Mp3 players,Auto DVD Players,and successfully developed Car DVD Players with Built-in GPS function in 2004. In June 2007, Qualir decided to create a platform for direct wholesale of Auto electronics. In September 2007, Qualir's wholesale Dept was successfully founded and our over the internet wholesale store was lastly completed.

Every person expects to get very good item for what he/she paid, So top quality is at all times one of buyer's greatest concern prior to getting. Only offering qualified Auto electronics is our solemn promise. ?Just great items are not enough. As OEM factory DVD Navigation program(Headunit) is a system of complexity. Wonderful technical support is also vital to buyers. Qualir has been dedicated to Automobile multi-media and navigation systems sales since foundation, and has rich encounter in solving feasible complications buyer may well encounter. Each item shipped out from Qualir are carefully checked by a responsible QA team before packing. They will power up the articles and check the performance of each and every function. Actual pictures taken from the items are the ideal explanation. So you can really feel reliability here.


The Mazda 3 and Mazda 6


Zoom-Zoom. Why just drive a auto when you could drive a Mazda? Drive with comfort and style in the new Mazda3 or Mazda6. These cars will make your everyday commute something to look forward in a vehicle that you can depend on.

The new Mazda3 is accessible in a sporty sedan model and a four-door hatchback model. Every model has a body design expressive of what it indicates to be a Mazda. The Mazda3 will turn heads as you Zoom-Zoom your way by way of life.

Offered capabilities on the Mazda 3 sedan consist of a two.5 liter I4 engine, a normal six-speed manual transmission or an available 5-speed sport mode automatic. Mazda 3 sedans are out there in a GX model, a GS model, and a GT model.

If you will need a small more room for cargo take a appear at the Mazda3 4-door hatchback. These models come in either the Mazda3 Sport edition or the exhilarating MAZDASPEED three. Both models share the exclusive and stylish design had by all Mazda's, and the four-door hatchback style makes for an amazing amount of cargo space for a compact vehicle. The Mazda3 Sport comes with the same engine and transmission solutions as the sedan, while the MAZDASPEED 3 comes with a direct injection 2.3 liter turbocharged engine.

Take a step up to a slightly bigger vehicle with the stylish sedan. Perhaps one of the most attractively designed sedans ever produced, the Mazda6 rivals all other vehicles in its class. Engine possibilities incorporate a two.five liter, 170 hp engine, or a 3.7 liter, 272 hp engine with 269 lb-ft of torque to experience an exceptional quantity of power. Obtainable models include the Mazda6 GS I4, the GT I4, the GS V6 , and the GT V6.

You can generally depend on a Mazda vehicle and in addition to all these awesome characteristics these vehicles have fantastic fuel economy and quality resale value. You owe it to yourself to head over to Burlington Mazda and test drive 1 of these spectacular vehicles. Check out their webpage at for much more specifics on these vehicles. You can also remain up to date on all the happenings at Burlington Mazda by becoming a fan of their Facebook page (Burlington Mazda) and following them on their twitter account (Burlington Mazda). Don't forget to check out their inventory of high quality utilised Mazda vehicles and their outstanding for your vehicle.